COVID-19 Update

To all Patients:

For your safety and that of the medical staff at Millennium Surgical Center, you will need to be as LOW RISK for Covid virus infection as possible. To qualify for admission to the center, you will need to meet the following requirements:

In the 7 days immediately prior to the scheduled date of your procedure, you should remain at home, and have no contact (i.e., no contact within 6 feet) with anyone else other than healthy, asymptomatic family members with whom you live. If you leave home for urgent reasons, you must wear a mask at ALL times when indoors in an occupied building and maintain the proper social distance spacing requirement above.   

Covid is a HIGHLY infectious disease, which can remain hidden and cause no symptoms in some patients. Even if it does not make you sick, inadvertently passing it to one or more of the surgery center's staff as they care for you could have grave consequences. Some of the above safety requirements may be inconvenient, but your honest compliance will keep our patients and our medical staff safe. If, as your procedure date approaches, you find that you have been un-able to maintain the above safety criteria, PLEASE advise your scheduling physician immediately, so that a re-scheduling of your procedure can be accomplished. 

NOTE:  If you have not complied with the pre-op safety protocols outlined above, and you do NOT want to have your procedure re-scheduled, you may still be admitted to the surgical center on your scheduled day. To obtain an exception, you must be tested for the presence of active Covid virus prior to your surgery date. The test results must read negative and be provided to your surgeon and the surgery center at least one day prior to surgery. Your physician may be able to provide you with a prescription for this test and a location where you can have it performed.